The Best Electronic Dart Board: 6 Top Picks For Safe And Fun

One of the best ways players can get introduced to the game of darts is via an electronic Drat board game. Electronic dart board games are safer for the kids and an ideal way to spend time with your family. If you are looking for an electric dart boards make sure that these dart boards have many built in features which can allow you to have variations.

Archnid Cricket Pro 800

This is one if the most high quality electric dashboards which was made in 1975. It is one of the most tournament quality board players which can be fun for players of all skill level. It has board of 15.5 inches. It has a high quality nylon surface which is made of thin segments allowing it to reduce the bounce outs. It has many game variations to choose from with a three level heckler feature which can be turned on or off. It comes with more than 800 pre-programmed games with some of the best sound effects, learn more here.

Viper Neptune

Viper Neptune electronic dartboard

This viper electronic dartboard offers the nice combination of a traditional appearance with a feature rich electronic dash board. This electronic dashboard is made of commercial grade nylon with ultra thin segments which can reduce the bounce outs. This feature helps you play against the computer with a five level difficulty to compete against. It has a very attractive wood finish cabinet which can help you hold the dart holders. It allows you to have tons of games which allows you to have different variations which can come up to 16 players. It also comes equipped with 6 darts and an AC power adaptor with a mounting kit.


GUZ 2 Online electronic dartboard

GUZ 2 Online electronic dartboard according to, stands out in the field of electronic dartboards. It has a very unique appearance and connectivity which comes with a 2 set of regular soft tip darts. It is made of plastic surface with tapered holes. It has a transparent casing which is surrounded by the colours with the right circuit surrounding the target area. It has a removable cover which can be swapped out.

Gran Board 2 Bluetooth Electronic Dartboard

Gran Board 2 Bluetooth Electronic Dartboard

Gran Board 2 is a minimal electronic dashboard which can display score and the variations of game with the bluetooth to your tablet. It is one of the best traditional design with the modern connectivity. It can even be accessed via Bluetooth, smartphone and other bluetooth enabled design. For more such dashboard reviews check out,

10 World’s Best Art Galleries

Art galleries make visiting different parts of the world interesting. Anytime you travel to a different nation, it would be nice to see some art which is unique to that place. The world is full of art galleries which at one point of your life you should be privileged to see. There are so many of them but this article gives you the 10 best art galleries in the world. Here they are:

1.  Metropolitan Museum of art

This gallery is located in New York. It has art from all over the world but majoring on Asian, American, African and Islamic art. It came to existence in 1870 and so has even the historic art. The unique collection in this gallery is the musical instruments, accessories and different costumes of different cultures which could make as amazing presents for Christmas.

2. The Louvre Museum

This is the most famous art gallery in the world. It is the oldest and also the largest in France. It is amazing that it is not so old but attracts more than 8 million visitors yearly. It is well organized with different departments totaling to eight which consists of about 35,000 artistic work. Both Islamic and Christian religion have their art displayed in this gallery.

3. Musee d’Orsay

This art gallery is in Paris. It is the world’s richest gallery when it comes to different artists. It is a collection of museums and so you are able to see different drawings, molding, and sculpture that is unique in that country. Some of the art to expect to include Matisse, Degas, Sisley, and Monet among other arts.

4. National Museum of Korea

National Museum of Korea

This gallery contains both archaeological and historical arts as old as from 1392. In the gallery, you can get paintings, calligraphy and Buddhist sculptures. Located in Korea, it stands to be one of the best art gallery best for Buddhist society.

5. Center Pompidou

This gallery got into existence in 1977. Since then, it has been a wonderful tourist attraction site for visitors from all over the world. It has a collection of both traditional and modern art. It includes restaurants with a capacity of over 3 million visitors yearly.

6. National Palace Museum

This is the place to see Chinese art. It has a large collection of art documents like the carvings, ceramics, and tapestry among other groups of artists. It is located in Taipei in Taiwan. It is actually the main art gallery in China. The type of art to see it is just amazing. You can have a visit this gallery, with restaurant and so accommodation is sorted at a fee.

7. National Gallery

This one is found in London located on the Trafalgar square. It is actually the oldest museum in the world, having been established in 1824. The artwork that you can get there includes the artwork from Botticelli, Raphael, Titan and many more. It is also one of the best galleries in the world.

8. British Museum

This is one of the world’s best art gallery which focuses on history and culture. It has the largest number of art collection which is about 8 million artworks. It also gives the history of early man. In this gallery, there is a distinction of holy land rooms which has the artifacts of Israelite, Sumerians, Islamic and Canaanite societies among others.

9. National Gallery of Art

It is located in Washington. This gallery is one of the most outstanding museums you can think about in the whole world. It has the biggest master collection of drawings, painting, and photographs among other groups of artists. In this gallery, you can see the ancient works of America, Italy, Spain, Britain, and other superior nations.

10. Tate Modern

This gallery is located in London. It has a collection of international art from the 1900s. This gallery has its art arranged in different rooms following each other chronologically based on time. Therefore, you can be able to follow up and know what is recent or old. It gets more than four million guests yearly.